Message from the Patron

PortraitJuly 2013


“It is my great pleasure to be the Patron of the Women’s International Forum.

Since its founding in 1975, the Women’s International Forum has grown into a robust network through which the women of the international community in New York come together to learn and exchange ideas on a broad range of topics of common interest.

The Women’s International Forum’s lecture series grants its members with the unique and valuable opportunity to interact with leaders in the field of international development, science, human rights, the arts, legal affairs and peacekeeping, and more.

I always learn so much from these lectures and cherish the chance it provides us to explore important issues in an inviting and thought-provoking setting.

I commend the hard work and dedication of the Women’s International Forum’s Honorary and Executive Board to continue in this strong tradition of engagement and knowledge sharing.

I extend my very best wishes for the future growth and development of the Women’s International Forum and I look forward to my involvement with the organisation in the years to come.”

—  Mrs. Ban Soon-taek, Patron of the Women’s International Forum